My heart labors below at the roots.

What is therapy for?

People often come to therapy seeking an explanation for how they feel, and why they do what they do. Families want to know why their child, spouse or parent acts as they do.

Often they have an explanation, although they may be only partially aware of it. However, the explanation may or may not serve them well. I can help you reconsider your viewpoint, and develop new ways of being with yourself and others.

Depression and Anxiety

These are common symptoms of psycho-emotional imbalance, which are painful and isolating. I can help you to understand what is causing these feelings and what you can do to soften their impact and live more openly in the world.

Parenting Help

We would like to see our children move through life carefree and happy as they layer on skills that build esteem and move them forward.

It doesn’t always work that way. Life in our times requires many adaptations which are hard for kids. And many children are wired with extra sensitivities that make even ordinary experiences hard. Others are easily distracted and need help with focusing.

I can help you to think about what’s going on in your child’s mind, and figure out how to reduce conflict and build resiliency.

Adjustment Disorders

We don’t seek out experiences of loss, or ones that frighten us. However, given the proper support, emotional crisis can be a time of reassessment and growth, resulting in a sense of having mastered something difficult.

Psychotherapy provides a trusting relationship within which you can grapple with the demands of change and loss and go on with your life.

Executive Function Disorders

Many children and adults struggle with getting organized. Our brains differ in their innate capacity to focus, keep things in working memory, and manage our emotions enough to initiate and complete tasks.

Executive function disorders can cause distress to both the person struggling with the problem, and the parents or partners who are left to pick up the slack. I can provide support and definition, and suggest approaches.

Children use sandplay figures, art and toys to explore and express their inner lives.

Play Therapy

I am a registered play therapist with the Association for Play Therapy. Play therapy is a valuable tool for helping children with their feelings.

It is the most developmentally appropriate intervention for children who are at an age where they cannot express their feelings verbally in a way that would bring them the help they need.

Play therapy provides an experience for children to direct their own actions. The play therapist is a warm, reflective observer of the process, and helps the child to gain a sense of being understood, increase self-awareness, and become more able to solve problems.

Typical goals are school success, reduction in anxiety, and a more peaceful home life.

Adoption and Foster Care

Adoption or assuming temporary care of a child is an act of love that is rewarding but sometimes requires the help of a child therapist.

Early preverbal loss can result in behaviors that are puzzling. Sometimes trauma is a part of the picture.

Adults and older teens, who were adopted as children sometimes find themselves struggling with identity questions, and with feelings and behaviors that are troubled and hard to change.

I provide both family and individual therapy for adopted and foster children of all ages. Typical goals for the child are improving self-regulation and making up for missed developmental steps. I help parents to develop insight into their child’s thinking and devise helpful responses.

Growing Up

I work with people of all ages in the growing up or maturation process.

Starting with preschool , people have to work to adapt to, and make the best of living in society. There are difficult transitions to make through school and beyond.

I can assist with the adjustment to the demands of elementary school. I also work with social and academic transitions throughout middle school, high school and college.

In addition, I can help with the tasks of the twenties and thirties, such as finding satisfying relationships and careers, deciding about children, and making sense out of earlier losses.


I provide trainings for therapists, teachers and parents in the areas of child therapy, play therapy, adoption and foster care, and step-parenting.


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